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    Below are PDF files of articles that have appeared in the Press. You will need Adobe Reader to view these - (download Adobe Reader).

    Please note: some of these press articles are several pages long and are large files, so please be patient when downloading!

    Farmers Guardian - 26th October 2012

    Colin Mitchell of Scott Mitchell Associates explores the myths behind strangles.

    Northern Farmer - Oct 2012

    Kerrie Winstanley at Castle Veterinary Surgeons gives advise on the signs of Cushing's disease.

    The Northern Farmer - Oct 2012

    Jane King at Westmorland Veterinary Services in Kendal talks about first aid and how to be ready to cope with injuries in horses.

    Farmers Guardian - 7th September 2012

    Lee Pritchard of Calweton Veterinary Group explains the causes and symptoms of colic

    The Northern Farmer - Sept 2012

    Treat foot pain in horses quickly to avoid lameness says Katie Gray at Capontree in Brampton.

    Northern Farmer - August 2012

    Ben Gaskell of Minster Veterinary Practice answers questions on treating common causes of lameness in horses

    Farmers Guardian - 13th July 2012

    Julia James from Larkmead advises on administering the correct first aid to equine wounds to improve the long-term outcome

    Northern Farmer - July 2012

    Andrew Robinson of Millcroft Veterinary Group gives advice on ways to combat summer allergies

    Veterinary Times - 4th June 2012

    Vicky Rowlands from Willows Ashbrook Equine Hospital provides practice notes on exotic disease risks for UK horses.

    Farmers Guardian - 1st June 2012

    Ben Sturgeon of Castle Veterinary Surgeons explains that 'headshaking' is a complex condition and much more than just behaviour