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    XLVets conduct UK wide surveillance for Schmallenberg Virus

    Utilising the bulk milk test available from Biobest in Edinburgh, the XLVets group have tested cattle herds across the length of the UK. Charlie Lambert, one of the Directors, said that the opportunity came about following liaison with Biobest. “Because we have a group of 49 practices from Orkney to Penzance, this was a good opportunity to find out the extent of the spread of SBV,” he commented, adding, “We’ve had an excellent response from our member practices.” The provisional results confirm that the virus is widespread across most parts of the UK.

    XLVets represents UK at HIPRA International Mastitis Workshop - July 2012

    HIPRA invited two UK delegates, both members of XLVets, to attend their recent international mastitis workshop.  Charles Marwood of XLVets Clyde Vet Group, South Lanarkshire and Jonathan Statham of XLVets Bishopton Veterinary Group, North Yorkshire went to the three day mastitis workshop at Cornell University in up-state New York.

    Schmallenberg Virus

    Schmallenberg virus was first detected in August 2011 within Germany, spreading to the Netherlands, Belgium and now the UK. The number of premises with confirmed cases of Schmallenberg increases daily with the majority of cases of Schmallenberg reported within the UK to date having been diagnosed in sheep.

    Schmallenberg is a viral disease affecting cattle, sheep and goats. In adult cattle the disease has been associated with symptoms including milk drop, fever, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and late abortion or birth defects in calves, lambs and kids.